7 methods to preserve and increase capital

According to a survey conducted by the Public Opinion Foundation, only 14% do not think too much about where to invest your personal finances today to make a profit in the future, while 13% continue to keep their money at home "in a pod." The bulk - 38% prefer to entrust their money to the bank, putting them on deposit, and more than a quarter of respondents (26%) find it more profitable to invest surplus funds in real estate. In the development of its own business and in investing in precious metals prefer to invest 9 and 8%, respectively.

During the period of financial turmoil preservation and augmentation of resources becomes even more important and of interest to the various types of investment instruments increases.

Jewelry. Investing in jewelry in the case of the global crisis may be a good way to save money. On the other hand, jewelry can be seen as long-term investments. Keyword - "long-term", as the average price of jewelry may even slightly increase substantially in at least a five-year term. Moreover, if we consider the situation after the financial crisis, the growth of jewelry cost can further be delayed, because in a crisis situation is usually paramount-importance are becoming more necessary for life items and luxury items, which include jewelry, can be a long time be in demand. In addition it must be remembered that the cost of jewelry consists not only of quality, but also from the form of momentary fashion trends in design or name of the jeweler, and these factors make it impossible to accurately predict how to change the price of products in the future.

Art objects. "Only art - forever - everything else is transitory" - this postulate, perhaps guided most of the collectors view their collections as a way to save money. They do not make the mistake of investing in art, written by the famous masters, can be considered among the most reliable. True, in this case without the fly in the ointment is not cost: the cost of purchasing such products initially quite high - so-called "entry ticket" to the market such items begins often a million dollars, and the risk of getting high-quality, expensive, but nevertheless , yet also great fake.

Gold. Gold bullion - is truly eternal value and it is an advantage of this type of investment. ) In addition to this increase in metal prices in the long term is almost never-ending process. Because to invest surplus funds in the yellow metal, and get your own untouchable gold reserve - a very good idea in the long run. But many analysts agree that the market for precious metals artificially overheated, so soon it is possible to expect reduction of prices. Moreover, do not forget to buy gold is much easier than to prodat.Banki buy gold from the population at lower prices than they sell. Moreover, buying gold bullion, the citizen is obliged to pay a mandatory government tax and after sale he will still pay tax on income received.

Bank deposit. Adding free funds on deposit account with one of the most popular ways to save funds among the population. The main reason for this choice is the reduction of risks. Deposit insurance in the amount of 700 thousand rubles, which is made by the Agency for Deposit Insurance, makes this type of investing the least risky. However, there is a small nuance. If the investor wants to open in the same bank a few deposits in case of bankruptcy of the bank, he will receive insurance only in the amount of not more than 700 thousand rubles. Possible variants of behavior in this situation can become a division of savings deposits in several banks. But since we are talking about ways to preserve and increase funding, it is worth noting that bank deposits are usually used by those who seek not so much to make (because the interest on the deposit is not particularly large), but to preserve accumulated.

The property. One of the most popular in recent years and the most controversial methods of investing free sredstv.Esli considered land as an investment tool, the most successful investment funds have traditionally been considered small plots with painted communications, because, according to experts, if the cost and the risk of reduced then only slightly. The cost of large tracts of land, is not prepared for the construction and without summarizing communications, on the other hand, may fall in price by several times, which makes them not very good target for investment.

Currency market. Investing in real estate or gold bullion - is by and large investments in order to preserve capital. The purpose of this is noble and is particularly relevant in times of crisis, but the task of multiplying money does not go into the background, even in the most volatile financial environment. In an effort to achieve success in this area, investors often turn their eyes toward the capital and the international FOREX market, which provides the opportunity to use a huge amount of financial instruments and to create the most customized and diversified investment portfolios.

In addition to the classical trade currency pairs, which requires considerable experience, attention, and time) to investors are available to use the tools, the right choice which can provide capital growth in almost all circumstances.This is the so-called contract for difference (CFD) shares of leading companies such as Hewlett-Packard, City Group, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, McDonald`s, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and many others. The main task of the investor gets the right choice of the companies whose shares it would buy its available surplus funds. According to experts, the right investment portfolio should include 5-6 tools with the lowest correlation.

In addition to Exit fynansov—če market investor poluchaet Ability to CFD Trading tovar—č such Oil As for example, corn Or gold. In Tacoma ways of investing in gold, there Additional plus compared with attachments in fyzycheskye slytky gold.

In conclusion, it is possible to wish the readers, in any case, take care of your money, and try to at least keep them from inflation. Those who want to multiply their money, remember the adage, "without effort and not pull the fish from the pond." If you want to increase the means necessary to forget about a passive approach to investing. - It is necessary to go to the financial market and follow its trends, which is impossible without additional knowledge and effort. Get relevant knowledge and professional advice on how to invest in the financial market can be, in particular, in the International Academy of exchange trading, which has an office in our city.