How to keep their savings?

Today, due to the global economic crisis, many are concerned about preserving their savings

Despite the large number of assets in which the modern investor can invest your money, there is a high probability of capital loss, as the unstable economic situation in many countries, greatly increases the financial risks. What kind of investment areas should be selected that risks were minimal?

Until now very widely believed that the surest way to save money - is to invest in gold and any other precious metals, as well as commodity assets (oil, food, etc.).

Maybe so, but there is one problem - make an accurate calculation of the real value of such goods is not possible. This means that to understand how they are overvalued or undervalued, too, it is not possible.

Thus, investing in commodity assets now very risky and, using this tool to protect and preserve your money is unlikely to succeed.

Investing in bonds and has always been considered a reliable means of protecting savings (if we consider government bonds). However, their destiny - a capital hedge against inflation. And today we have a debt crisis, so some governments, under any circumstances, will not be able to pay its debts on bonds.

This can easily lead to the fact that the bonds will fall significantly in price. Consequently, they are not good protection of capital as a high risk of a collapse in prices for this type of securities in the near future.

Investing in real estate - a simple and attractive in many respects an investment tool. Real Estate The great advantage is that the investor is able to obtain a stable rental income. But there is this asset and negative - it illiquid.

If you suddenly urgently need money, then sell the property quickly, most likely, will not work. Why invest all of its assets in real estate is highly undesirable, however, to preserve the portion of cash-like asset fits perfectly.

Investing in currencies is able to cope with the task of saving savings, but keep all your capital in any one currency - the height of stupidity, as one currency (even the most stable) always carries with it a rather big risks.

It is easy to form a currency basket consisting of two or three currencies. This will be enough to protect a part of their funds from currency risks.

Investing in stocks, oddly enough, it is one of the best options when looking for an asset that can preserve your capital. Stock prices are rising almost twice as fast than there is inflation.

Therefore, investing the savings into the business (it is desirable in many businesses around the world), but rather in equity funds, can not only protect against the ruinous inflation, their money, but also get a good income.

Today, shares of disciplined investors - is the very haven that allows to wait all the storms raging in the ocean of the global economy ...