Is it possible to become a successful investor is still young?

Very often you can hear the opinion that to achieve success in the investment can only people who have a vast experience in this field, and young people can only rely on a small income. To some extent this judgment is under a reasonable ground ...

Coming into the investment business immediately after training desks, few can achieve decent success.

This is due to the fact that the teaching we carried out strictly according to the book materials, which are often out of touch with real life.

Book material - is one thing, but real life - is quite another. It's all in the book is easy and simple: put money in one company and made his first million dollars. In reality, thrust his first million and lost it in a few hours.

Success can be achieved by those who have the ability to communicate with people closely associated with the investment markets, who can share their skills with the novice investor.

Great chance for successful investing from a young age are those who once were lucky.

These people risked once and earning a lot of money from the first time, in the subsequent play in the investment market only a small share of earned capital. Thus, even with risks and losses, they become invisible at a total capital created.

Do not forget about the youthful maximalism. To all must be approached with a mind and not try to throw in the pool with his head. It makes no sense to risk at once on all the available capital, putting it only in one enterprise. This increases the risk of losing all the capital at the first fall of the prices of shares of the enterprise.

Great chance for successful investing are people who are familiar not only with mathematics, but have at least some idea of ??how prices are calculated on which depends the profit of the company, what trends observed in the securities market, which products are in high demand buyers.

All this will help to analyze the market of investments and form an idea of ?what the company can make a profit in the near future.

The young man hard enough to succeed in investing more, and for the reason that investment should have an initial capital, since in order to bring investment income, you must invest a certain amount.

So, summing up, we can say that anyone can succeed in investing, even young, but this must be certain prerequisites and that person has to be very lucky to earn your initial capital.